Design Year End Party Event

Looking for new ideas for your Year End Party in Vietnam? You have come to right place. At Asia Phoenix, we have designed and operated hundreds of event in the last ten years.


What Our Clients Are Saying about our Team Building events?

“I never thought team building could be so much fun. Beatswork has a way of bringing people together that's both exciting and effective. Our team is unstoppable now!”


“Peak Performance is an absolute game-changer for team building. The activities are not only enjoyable but also educational. Our team's skills have grown, and we're achieving better results.”



At Asia Phoenix Team Building, we aspire to be the cornerstone of team success, where winning and legacy creation become an inseparable journey, perpetually enriching the world of teamwork.


Our mission is to be the go-to resource for organizations seeking to unlock their full potential through teamwork, equipping them with the skills, tools, and inspiration required to win together and build legacies that enrich the world of teamwork.


Excellence in Execution:

We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled team building experiences, consistently exceeding our clients' expectations, and ensuring they return for the exceptional quality of our services.

Client-Centric Approach:

Our clients' success is our top priority. We actively listen to their needs, tailor our solutions, and provide unparalleled customer service, fostering long-term partnerships.

Lasting Impact:

We aim to create experiences that resonate long after the event, leaving clients with the desire to return, knowing that our programs have a meaningful and enduring impact on their teams.


We empower our staff with the autonomy to make decisions and contribute their innovative ideas, fostering a sense of ownership and motivation to excel.

Continuous Growth:

We encourage personal and professional development for our team members, providing opportunities for growth, learning, and advancement within the company.

Collaborative Spirit:

We foster a culture of teamwork, support, and appreciation, recognizing that our staff's collective efforts drive the company's success, and their contributions are valued.

Social Responsibility:

Asia Phoenix Team Building is committed to giving back to the community through initiatives that support social causes and local development, making a positive impact beyond our services.

Environmental Stewardship:

We are dedicated to sustainable practices, minimizing our ecological footprint, and promoting environmental awareness, contributing to a healthier planet and community.

Diversity and Inclusivity:

We celebrate diversity in our team and clientele, striving to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds, enhancing the social fabric of our community.

About Asia Phoenix Team Building

Founded in 2013 by Mr. Ryan Truong Van Hoang, Asia Phoenix Team Building is a company born out of a genuine passion for team building activities and a decade of experience in the tourism industry. Ryan's background as a tour guide and expertise in facilitating various activities laid the foundation for what would become a prominent name in the field of team building.

In 2016, the company welcomed a valuable addition to its team – Ms. Hoa Truong, Ryan's sister, who took on the role of Sales Manager. Her contribution has been instrumental in ensuring that clients experience exceptional team building events in Vietnam.

A significant milestone in the company's journey came in 2017 when Ryan Truong Van Hoang, representing Asia Phoenix, collaborated with investors to establish Catalyst Team Building Vietnam. Catalyst is renowned as a leading team building solution provider worldwide. This partnership allowed Asia Phoenix to offer a diverse range of high-quality team building products to corporate clients in Vietnam, further solidifying its position as a premier provider of team building solutions.

In 2023, Mr. Dang Van Trieu, a Co-founder of Asia Phoenix, assumed the role of Managing Director, bringing fresh leadership and vision to the company. Under his guidance and with the powerful backing of Catalyst team building, Asia Phoenix continues to be a leader in the industry, providing top-tier team building products and services in Asia.

Today, Asia Phoenix Team Building stands as a beacon of excellence, dedicated to helping organizations strengthen their teams, enhance collaboration, and create enduring legacies. With an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional team building experiences, Asia Phoenix is proud to be a trusted partner for companies in Asia seeking to build winning teams and leave a lasting mark on their journey to success