Asia Phoenix is one of the only companies in Ho Chi Minh City offering Teambuilding expertise through Strategy Planning, Problem Solving and Fun Activities. During the last 5 years, we have developed skills in interactive team building and learning programs to promote organizational success all over Indochina.

Getting employees to work together effectively is an essential part of doing business in today’s competitive markets. Our training courses improve communication in a competitive atmosphere which helps keep everyone performing at their highest capabilities, while promoting interpersonal relationships.

All programs are created and delivered by in-house permanent staff, foreigners, and locals to help ensure consistency and quality.

We also have an additional team of 10 experienced and professional team building trainers whom we employ on a contractual basis, when some training programs require them. All these trainers follow a managerial career in MNCs, which help prove that all of the issues addressed in the debriefing sessions that follow the activities, are real life office issues and apply to real problems that occur in the corporate environment.

With ASIA PHOENIX, you have an entire staff committed to exceeding your expectations and making your next Team building program best ever.