Entries by Bryan Truong

High Tech Treasure Hunt

GPS triggered challenges, photo and video challenges at great locations. Installed on tablets, the Go Team app features a unique follow arrow that helps guide teams to their waypoints. Once members arrive at their destination, GPS-triggered challenges are issued to the teams in the form of questions, clues, and pictures that they will work on […]

Activity Innovation

Highly engaging app based game of mental, physical and creative challenges, focusing on individual differences and risk and reward. PROGRAM OUTLINE Quickfire is a competitive app based team building game. Each team starts the game with a tablet, a box of equipment and a small amount of game currency. Their quest is to complete as many […]


Go beyond perceived limitations to become a symphony orchestra in 2 hours! PROGRAM OUTLINE A powerful and emotional musical challenge with delegates coming under the conductor’s baton as a symphony orchestra. They said it couldn’t be done. They said it wasn’t possible. They said we were crazy. But we have done it and proved it […]