The Build-A-Bike Team Building is a brainy, challenging, program where your group is divided into teams to solve specific challenges in order to build bicycles for young children from some worthy children’s charity in your local area! For many of these kids, this will be the first bike they will have ever owned, and your gift means freedom to these young people. Each group of participants has puzzles to solve, codes to decipher, and secrets to unlock in order to acquire the resources that they need (part by part) to build a bicycle. Challenges are discovered in the program that must be overcome in order to accomplish their goal. The ultimate conclusion to the event is the understanding that, each component of a whole group (company) is interdependent and can’t silo from the other components of the company. When we work together, we accomplish more — faster! This will be “the most fun” that your attendees will ever have — working!

This bike team building event is composed of three-hour modules to make the program easy to fit any time-frame. We offer a high-energy three-hour module were the group builds the bikes with just a few icebreaker events. During each event, you’ll engage both your minds and your bodies in solving the puzzles of teamwork and build great camaraderie.

Business benefits:

  • Brainstorm.
  • Problem-solve.
  • Communicate better.
  • Identify strengths of individual participants.
  • Collaborate better.
  • Realize that departments and individuals within a company can’t act independently of their coworkers. When the group works together, they accomplish a lot more.
  • And have tons of fun in the process.

Team size: 20 to 250

Length: 3 hours typically

Venue: indoor or outdoor