4 Steps for New Managers to Build a Work Team

Congratulations on your new position – a team leader or a manager! You feel happy and excited about a new desk. But wait, you also have to face other things like duties, tasks, and perhaps a new team.

You probably have tasked with an existing team or you have to create a new one from the company. Either way, you need to motivate the team to gain goals. This is a daunting task to build a group from the first day to the long-term time.

Please keep in mind that team building is never a simple activity or exercise only. It is a solid process over time.

Set up a team charter

For the first few days of a new manager, you should know the purpose of the working team. You also need to let your team or group recognized important points. In other words, you have to identify what the senior management expects from your group. When you understood the main points and benchmarks, you can transfer those to your team.

The team performance will be measured by those objectives. Thus, you need to establish certain goals in the first place like increasing sales over the next three months or launching a new product in the next year.

Put these goals in your team charter which shows the team’s purpose. This blueprint gives members with a clear target. Then, making a guide to reach those goals and estimates the final consequence.

The platform of the charter is various from the development phase of a team. A new team focuses on growing processes and making sure that each member masters their tasks.

When the team levels up, the emphasis target is boosting productivity. Once the team catches peak performance, you can let them jump into the next level and challenge a higher goal. 

Take time to meet each new member

Making private meetings with each member of the team probably builds trust. More importantly, it offers insight clearly about strengths and weaknesses, which employees do in their single working day.

During the meetings, your role should be a learner. Do not become a teacher or a professional. Draw out as much as you can about your team as well as their skills. It would be greater if you meet them in face-to-face communication. Do not just look at their past evaluations. 

Celebrate group meetings

Group meetings can make a sense of trust and translucency between the leader and the team. Strengthen your commitment with the team in an open conversation, giving them your insight and decision in the initial meeting.

After the meeting, you might gather frequent conferences that concentrate on specific business challenges. Inspire your team by thinking about solutions for issues and guide them. Always make an agenda for the meeting and a time limit, so you are not overburdened and sidetracked.

  Learn how to build your team every day

Along with team-building skills, leadership is necessary to practice every day. You ought to participate in online instruction, a workshop, and doing other exercises in your corporate. Moreover, you should find books and related sources for managers, especially for the new one.


Team building is never easy but we can learn and practice every day. When you can learn how to drive your new boat, you will become a valuable employee in your firm.
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