5 Team Building Ideas For Companies Visiting Vietnam

For a company to succeed in the world today, they’ll need their employees to work as a team and become one cohesive unit. In order to do this, team building is needed.


According to Forbes, team building is one of the most important investments that a company can make. This is because proper team building can help employees build trust with each other, encourage communication amongst them, increase their collaboration and mitigate conflicts.


Asia Phoenix, a teambuilding company in Vietnam, offers an array of teambuilding solutions for companies using strategy planning, problem solving and fun activities. To give an idea on what kind of activities that companies will be getting with Asia Phoenix, here are five team building ideas.


1. Mini Olympics

This activity will help employees learn how to properly manage their time and precision, look for “win-win” solution in an competitive situation, build trust among the team, and know how to structure an organization in the best way. Employees of company will be able to showcase all of their best abilities in when they participate in the modified versions of the some of the sports in the Summer Olympics.

2. The Scavenger Hunt

This is a good activity that will allow a company’s employees to explore the history and beauty of Ho Chi Minh City, improve the communication among team members, learn more and understand the daily life of Vietnamese people, improve teamwork skills, and have an unforgettable and meaningful experience in Vietnam. This is basically a tour of Ho Chi Minh, but instead of a boring bus tour, participants will be asked to actively be part of learning the culture and history of the city. They will be provided with a list of destinations they need to go to and tasks that they need to complete as a team.

3. Amazing Race Saigon

This is a good activity that will teach participants how to properly manage their time, improve their communication among members, discover the most highlights of Ho Chi Minh City, enhance teamwork, learn and understand the culture and daily life of Vietnamese people, see the benefits of internal communication, and to have a memorable and unforgettable moment in Vietnam. Participants will basically be experiencing what it’s like to be in the Amazing Race TV show, only their setting would be in Saigon. They’ll be split into pairs and be asked to race through the city, solve problems, earn points, and work through challenges.

4. Teamwork Challenges

This activity will help participants increase their teamwork skills and overcome challenges as a team, solve difficult problems, overcome frustrations and listen effectively, improve team communication, be able to effectively share information to help solve a problem, and to build trust within the team. The activity basically would require participants to solve several challenges that would require them to work as a team. The activity will help them see the benefits of working as a team, which could increase their morale and motivation.

5. Conical Hat Challenge

The activity will help participants understand the value of the leaf hat and its history, experience daily life in Vietnam, be able to enjoy and know more about skillful people in their career, show their ability to adapt to new environment and the ability to learn a new thing, and to make their trip to Vietnam be more meaningful and valuable. Participants will basically be taken to the traditional craft village to face and overcome the challenges of making the conical leaf hats. The participants will undergo a quick basic training to help them in crafting the hat and decorating them. Once done, they will also need to model them wearing Ao Dai.


These are just samples of the kinds of activities that Asia Phoenix can provide to companies who are looking to conduct its team building in Vietnam. To learn more, email them at info@asiaphoenix.com.