6 Types of Team Building Activities

team building activities

Every team needs to have team-building exercises because they can get benefit from team-building ideas such as increasing productivity, communication, inspiration, morale, and so on.

Any company can use team-building games to improve better teamwork in the workplace. Most business owners and managers have recognized that strong teamwork is one of the necessary points in company growth.

You can review any ideas in the Internet or other sources, but you should understand the types of team-building activities.

Outdoor or indoor pursuits

The number of outdoor pursuits or indoor activities is huge. You ought to choose traditional ones like canoeing and rock climbing, or more uncommon exercises like sheep-driving.

  In case some members of the team cannot do physical activities, some pursuits are compatible with them such as doing a puzzle game (The Domino Effect, Trust or Bust), hunting treasure, making a video, cooking, and catching hot-air balloons. 


Workshops allow a team or a group to pay more attention to a certain topic without interruption. In some cases, the greatest type of workshop is one that makes people understanding their goals or a tactical plan.

This causes ownership among all members and it is one of the best team-building ideas you can select. Many types of workshops probably support your team to develop better relationships, deep understanding, and solving particular problems in business stuff.

Here are a few ideas you can choose:

  • Group exercises and games
  • Personality questionnaires
  • Information exchange and business problem solving
  • Customer interaction forums
  • Technology exchange or technology-based activities

Social events

Social events are fun but most of them are expensive to host. You have to find the place to celebrate, choosing games; and prizes for the winners. Furthermore, you also need to use some vital tools for playing music and running the light system.

When your managers or your big bosses ensure that cost is not a big matter, then you can think of several ideas such as lunchtime drink, evening meal or BBQ, family picnic, and quiz nights (Battle of the Big Top, DJ Democracy, Meditainment Live!)

Social events can become a specific solution in your enterprise like the using of oil in a motor. These might keep your team members work effectively.

Charitable work

Charitable work is a good idea to make it becomes a type of team-building exercises. When developing teams or groups in a company, we also bring a benefit to the community. Charitable work is not a difficult task and your team will not have much pressure to prepare. Building a dream,…

Work-practice sessions

Having a day offsite is tremendous or doing something that is entertained possibly has a short-term influence only. To improve co-operation at the highest level, you should diversify activities such as job swapping, team newsletters, open-door policy, team meetings, and Management by Walk About (MBWA).

Team bonding

If you would like to make a bond between members of your team, you should think of the Big Picture. Teams will collect paint, brushes, a blank canvas, and a diagram showing their work. Then, they will mix paints to make the right painting with nice colors.


All of 6 team-building types are available in any country. However, the team leader can adjust something in rules and equipment. If you are looking for team-building ideas in Vietnam, you should try the charitable work type. This is the most effective activities that enterprises often celebrate over time.

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