7 Great Outdoor Team Building Activities To Help Build Camaraderie And Relieve Stress

Conducting a team building out in the fresh air and taking the team out of the confined four walls of the office offers a lot of benefits. There are also more fun activities that the organizers can offer as the limitations of a room are already removed.


Being confined for too long in an office increases the stress level of employees, as this makes them feel trapped and drained. So it’s important to come up with team building activities that are conducted outdoors to help bring life and energy back to them. Thrillophilia said that outdoor activities usually act as stress relievers.


The beauty of outdoor team building activities is that not only will it help boost the energy level and relieve employees’ stress, it can also help build their camaraderie and teamwork. With that, here are 7 great outdoor activities that can build a team’s camaraderie and relieve their stress.


1. Raft Building

Probably one of the most exciting activities that a team can do. Not only will this require the team to work closely together, it also requires them to be creative and resourceful especially when it comes to ensuring that the raft can sail with every member of the team on board.

2. Treasure Hunt

This is a great outdoor activity that can enhance the teams’ skills, such as leadership, problem solving, communications, and listening. To make it more fun and a little competitive, offer prizes for the team that’s able to finish the treasure hunt first.

3. Transportation

A fun and exciting game that will enhance the team’s coordination, following skills and patience. It would require a large tarpaulin that’s stapled from end to end to form a large circle, big enough for several persons to fit in. The tarpaulin will be the wheel while the persons inside the will be the ones to make it move. So teamwork and coordination is needed here in order for them to be able to move forward without any problems.

4. Blindfold Tent Pitching

This activity tests the team’s creativity, listening and communication skills as they’re required to pitch a tent while blindfolded. So good communication and listening skills are needed in order to properly pitch the tent, even if they cannot see.

5. Acid Walk

This is a fun activity that requires teamwork, coordination and leadership. Each team will be given empty soft drink crates for them to stand on and an extra empty one. They team would just need to reach the finish line first while using only the crates as their means to move forward. If a member of the team falls of the crate they must go back to the start to try again.

6. Pipeline

A fun activity that requires teamwork, coordination, and communication skills. The team would be divided into two with 5 members each. Each member will be given an open pipe and a ping pong ball. All they need to do is to get the ping pong ball to roll from point A to B using the pipe. If the ball is in the pipe that one member is holding, that member is not allowed to move or walk, so they need to constantly form a pipeline towards the finish line. Once the ball drops they go back to the start.

7. Capture The Flag Paintball

A fun and exciting outdoor activity that requires leadership, teamwork, strategic thinking and communication. Divide the team into two groups with equal members. The objective is to capture the flag of the other team and bring it back to their base. If a member is hit, he or she will be out of the game for 30 seconds, after the time is up she can go back to the game but she will start from their base.


Team building is a great way for companies to develop teamwork amongst its employees. Doing them outdoors is even better as it can also help relieve their stress. For companies in Vietnam who don’t have any experience in organizing their own team building sessions can contact Asia Phoenix, which is known for building winning teams.

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