In the tranquil backdrop of Hồ Tràm, on the 4th of August, 2023, GE Vietnam and GE Healthcare joined hands with Asia Phoenix to host a memorable team-building event that brought their employees closer together. With the sun casting its warm glow on the beach, GE employees gathered for an afternoon filled with exciting activities. The event culminated in an unforgettable Gala Dinner.

The primary aim of the program was to strengthen the bonds among GE Vietnam and GE Healthcare staff while enhancing teamwork and camaraderie.

The event began in the late afternoon on the stunning beachfront. Participants were divided into four teams, setting the stage for friendly competition. The Team Building activities consisted of various entertaining games and challenges designed to create unforgettable moments, bolster team spirit, and foster stronger connections among company employees.

As the sun began its descent, a magical transformation took place. The Gala Dinner commenced with an exciting twist as participants dressed up as famous personalities from the leadership of GE. This unexpected and delightful start set the tone for an evening filled with joy and excitement.

Aside from indulging in the sumptuous Gala Dinner, attendees were engaged in interactive stage games, which provided the chance to win exciting prizes.

The event was deemed a resounding success, leaving a deep impression on all who participated. Initially, participants were somewhat reserved, but with the guidance of a charismatic MC, the atmosphere shifted into one of cheerfulness and comfort. Laughter and revelry filled the air as participants thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and transformations alongside their colleagues.

As the event drew to a close, the team leader expressed gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful moments experienced throughout the day. They extended their heartfelt thanks to Asia Phoenix for their exceptional organization and for delivering a successful and memorable event.

In summary, the GE Vietnam and GE Healthcare Team Building event was a resounding success that reinforced bonds, facilitated team unity, and created unforgettable memories. The event showcased the power of fun and camaraderie in fostering stronger relationships among colleagues, leaving everyone with a deep and lasting impression of the day.

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