In the midle of summer, the sun is burning at Phan Thiet city. But it totally not enough to stop the excitement of EL LAZADA to join the team building on the beach.

Accompany with EL LAZADA in 2020 Team Building activity at Phan Thiet city, we- Asia Phoenix Team building will provide the best quality service for our customers.

At the shore of MUI NE BAY Resort, EL Lazada team have perform their best and showed the teamwork skills, the cooperation and the unlimited creativity to overcome the difficult and interesting challenges that the organizers bring into the Team Building program.

During the journey, all of them, Team EL Lazada have put together their best efforts to achieve the collective goal of conquering all challenges and winning together. Through the program, members of EL Lazada have the opportunity to communicate with each other more, to understand each other better and explore their own limits. The smiles, the thanks of the participants after each program are a great motivation for Asia Phoenix to strive and strive to bring more and more meaningful Team Building programs to partners in future.

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