Five Benefits of Playing Games for Improving Team-building Skills

Both employers and employees always want to work in a great environment; no matter the scale is small or big. This is a perfect picture that most of us wish and it requires efforts from workers and managers.

Team-building skills are one of the most essential parts of connecting members in a team. Team-work factor is not as simple as we talk to friends or families only. We need to do more things to improve our relationship in the workspace; especially in the complex culture like Vietnam.

Playing games to enhance team-building skills is an excellent way. When you have recognized advantages, you are willing to celebrate or take part in more games.

Increase productivity

In general, the main target of team-building activities is to boost productivity. This is because employees probably learn how to work together. Then, they can save time for solving problems for misunderstanding errors and other overlapping tasks.

These activities tend to provide them opportunities to realize methods, procedures, and policies which are barriers in working.

Improve inspiration

Team-work games may enlarge employee motivation in various ways. When your staff has succeeded in a team-building activity, they are more confident and their motivation is stronger.

Team-building activities are pieces of evidence that employers want to invest in success. For employees, they are more encouraged in their working because they achieve trust in their colleagues and the company. They feel that they are important parts of an organization and their work will be appreciated.

Develop problem-solving skills

Most of the team-building activities or games are related to an issue that team members have to deal with together. Therefore, the problem-solving skills which the team practices through games are also the situations in the workplace.

Through these games, team members can gain problem-solving skills, letting them recognize barriers to achieving goals and how to tackle troubles to get under control those barriers.

Team-building activities might provide you with structured approaches to find answers and making aware of the resources which the team member brings together to the workplace.

Survival Team Building Activity

Foster collaboration among departments

One of the most crucial benefits of a planned team-building activity is better collaboration between colleagues. Collaboration is about identifying who can answer a question or not and believing them in their experiences. Then, employees may ask for help to that person in a specific situation.

By making activities which people feel interested in and having experience (as a team or a group), employees possibly build a relationship and enlarge networks of contacts outside their offices. These relationships will support them a lot in the future.

Ice Breaking

Level up communication skills

When working together, we have to get communication skills, whether we are managers or employees only. Due to enjoyable activities and fun games, these create better understandings of each member and eliminate solid walls of mistrust. They can focus on situations and finding solutions. In other words, they do not remember they have different religions, languages, cultures, etc.


Vietnam has more than 50 ethnic groups of people, so cultures are variable from a city to another province. To work together, team-building activities play important roles. Games become a great bridge to connect them in the workplace as well as their personal lives.

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