How did PEPSICO Suntory expedition conquered SEVEN SEA ???

EXPLORE SEVEN SEA WITH Team Operation & Supply Chain Suntory Pepsico Vietnam.

In the Middle Ages, when humans did not have the conditions to explore all the oceans, they divided the oceans into Seven Sea. In the framework of the program AOP KICK – OFF 2020 of the Team Operation & Supply Chain, Asia Phoenix has changed the format of the program Amazing Race in a completely new style, full of fun and attraction.

Asia Phoenix brought the participant transformed into medieval explorers and set sail together – starting the journey to explore, conquer the Seven Sea, in search of the most precious treasures.

The SPVB expedition began to set sail during the “TREASURE ISLAND” Gala Dinner with destinations called Arctic Ocean, The Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean and The Gulf of Mexico. With challenges of physical strength, intelligence and dexterity, teams have brought exciting and explosive competitions.

The talented voices of SPVB with impressive and excellent performances also brought an excited and bustling atmosphere to the last moments of the Gala Dinner.

Applying Go Team technology app, Asia Phoenix's Amazing Race program becomes preeminent and different. The organizers have integrated the famous tourist destinations of Nha Trang city such as Ponagar tower, Dam market to give participants the opportunity to experience new challenges and explore the typical beauty of Nha Trang, …

Challenges in the program Amazing Race 2020 follow the slogan of the organizers “Work Hard, Play Hard”, so it is full of challenges to help bring SPVB members together to form a strong and successful team. That is also the value that Asia Phoenix sends into Team Building programs.

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