What Makes a Great Leader in a Team?

Anyone can be a manager or a supervisor, but not everyone in those vacancies has true leadership. Leadership is the next level of management stream. A good leader always has management skill and people skill to step in a successful ladder. In other words, having a wonderful leadership requires a lot thing to do and overcome.

Respect team members and colleagues

Respect has two ways to show – you show it directly to the people or they may recognize how well you treat. It is easy to lose respect by behaviors, attitude, and body language. Therefore, you should draw attention to your reaction.

Allowing employees to take risks is also another type of respect and trust (maybe). Sometimes, your team might fail in a project or lose a contract. You should accept their fall and encourage them. Employees are comfortable to work with managers or team leaders are the key to reach.

Having good communication and interpersonal skills

Become a strong leader does not mean you have lots of power in hand. You have to get good communication skills and great interpersonal skills at the same time. In other words, mastering the art of communication is another secret tip for perfect managers. 

To reach the management level, you do not need to good at communication. Try and practice the skills every day. Read some sources and improve these with your friends, colleagues, and junior employees.  On the other hand, you can participate in many clubs and communities. They always have team-building activities like the Commercial Break, Corporate Building, Knowing Me Knowing You, etc.

Be a confident and knowledgeable leader

As a team leader, you need to have an excellent level of knowledge and show that with confidence. These two elements are linked together. If you identify your stuff in your industry, you will be confident to perform and your expertise will attract your team. They will trust you and not worrying about a bad leader.

Coaching only

A good leader is not a dictator. They usually think about how to develop their teams and support members by recommending training sessions or giving these in many forms, from coaching to mentoring. They realize that when they need to encourage their teams and when they have to push themselves. They also know the limitation of using powers.

Being adept

Good leaders always prepare for change at any time. They can think and decide on a solution fast. They also know how to help their team meet targets. Team members will know how to come up with ideas, set up deadlines, and complete the tasks smoothly. Thanks to perfect leaders, the team will move up to the next level easily.

Set expectations at the right time

It is simple to control great outcomes when you put expectations for the debate. However, when you should do it is not easy. Everyone on the agenda needs to know the reason for the discussion and how to make the final decision. This is the art of managing a team that leaders or managers have to master.


Do not worry about performing a great leader. Instead, just being a team leader who other members always remember. Let your team know the goal of each task and the certain targets – developing abilities in all members and increasing productivity.

They also feel happy with their job and their lives will be more wonderful. If you are looking for team-building activities in Vietnam or other nations, you will need to keep reading another post.

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