High Tech Treasure Hunt

GPS triggered challenges, photo and video challenges at great locations.

Installed on tablets, the Go Team app features a unique follow arrow that helps guide teams to their waypoints. Once members arrive at their destination, GPS-triggered challenges are issued to the teams in the form of questions, clues, and pictures that they will work on together to complete. Updates, feedback and scores are kept in real-time as teams progress through their amazing race. Back at home base, each team is monitored and can receive bonus missions at key points in their adventure.

The creative platform caters to all abilities and terrain types. Go Team participants can be challenged to take on bustling cities, rough paths, wooded areas or even bodies of water. The Go Team app can accommodate any number of teams, generating equal distances and routes for each challenge; this avoids crowding at sensitive locations and keeps members away from possible danger zones.

Learning Outcomes

Go Team is well know for its ability to facilitate improved communication in the group as it encourages open communication and discussion. It improves relationships and in turn the quality of work produced. Go Team also motivates employees by creating a level playing field where everyone is free to express their ideas and opinions and ultimately motivating them to take on new challenges. Go Team takes teams outside their normal work environment and encourages them to think creatively. Working with others who they may not normally work with breaks down barriers and builds trust factors between employees and inspires creativity and fresh thinking.

The challenges in the Go Team app ensure that participants develop problem solving skills. Teams learn that failure can lead to success as they modify the way they approach a challenge, thinking rationally and strategically to change and improve their process.

“Participants of the Go Team adventures in Sigulda returned in a very good mood and pleased by the very well-prepared, thoughtfully arranged event. Everyone was able to choose how much they want to walk and how many things they want to see from Sigulda. Everyone was filled with positive emotions, satisfied with event organization and very well-spent day.Evija Dreimane

Ernst & Young Baltic ” 

Activity Innovation

Highly engaging app based game of mental, physical and creative challenges, focusing on individual differences and risk and reward.


Quickfire is a competitive app based team building game. Each team starts the game with a tablet, a box of equipment and a small amount of game currency. Their quest is to complete as many challenges within a given timeframe to maximise their points to out-perform other teams and win the game.

The mental, creative and physical challenges come in varied difficulty levels and a variety of forms – photo, video, single answer, multiple choice, logic puzzles and more!

Teams get down to selecting from the 100s of challenges available, each with a cost to attempt and a reward for successful completion. Individuals have no time to hold back, they reveal their strengths by selecting the challenges they are confident they can complete. Individuals with similar strengths form groups to complete challenges together.  However, some challenges will require the participation of everyone in the group which adds to the need for decisive leadership, strategy and effective communication.

The pace of the action builds steadily as time is running out! This reaches fever pitch in the closing minutes of the event, creating an extraordinary atmosphere of fun, laughter and urgency. The winning team is crowned the victor.


In Quickfire, successful teams work effectively together to weigh up risk and reward. With time ticking. participants must speak up and let the rest of the team know which challenges they can confidently complete. Trust builds as challenges are completed successfully and individuals learn to appreciate each other’s different abilities. Group challenges require teams to employ innovative thinking. They must utilise effective communication skills to arrive at a collective shared strategy and then jump into swift uninhibited action. Quickfire is a lot of laughs! It leaves teams with a feeling of exhilaration and oneness! Most importantly, individuals have learnt to appreciate their own strengths and the diverse skills of others in their team.


Go beyond perceived limitations to become a symphony orchestra in 2 hours!


A powerful and emotional musical challenge with delegates coming under the conductor’s baton as a symphony orchestra.

They said it couldn’t be done. They said it wasn’t possible. They said we were crazy. But we have done it and proved it is possible to turn a group of people with no musical ability into a real symphony orchestra in the space of 90 minutes. This is Orchestrate! – a sensational teambuilding experience that will transform your people and bring them together as never before.

Participants learn to play real instruments including strings, woodwind, brass and percussion. Once the instruments have been chosen, they work in separate sections under the guidance of expert musicians. When proficient they come together as one mighty symphony orchestra under the baton of the conductor to play a specially-written, five-minute-long piece of music. The effect is electrifying.


Orchestrate! is, without doubt, one of our most demanding and challenging events. It will stretch your people to their full potential and beyond their perceived limitations. It will demand hard work, total concentration and real teamwork. But, as hard as this challenge is, the reward is an experience that will never be forgotten. A symphony orchestra is probably one of the best examples of a team working as one. Emotionally and creatively the players have to be tuned-in to each other, and people doing different tasks have to work together towards a common goal. It is an experience that up until now has been only available to the dedicated musician.

They say music has the power to move people. Orchestrate! can move your team to achieve anything.


Orchestrate is a totally unforgettable extravaganza where participants feel truly uplifted. Why not share some of that feeling? Invite others to join you and sponsor their place in the Orchestra. Are you affiliated to an external organisation with individuals who would really appreciate this opportunity? Prior to the event you may wish to set up competitions with local schools where pupils can earn their seat. Consider donating a number of classical instruments after the event.

Amazing Race

Based on the reality show on TV, Amazing Race will bring players through many totally brand-new experiences and make them brainstorm to find out and solve a series different challenges. Players will be divided into many teams, and each team has to put hard effort to compete with other teams in many games to be the winner. All games are designed to upgrade teamwork abilities, communication skills as well as problem-solving skill to help each player improve himself better. During 4 – 5 hours going around city, the teams have an opportunity to overcome challenges and explore Saigon, Hanoi, HoiAn, DaNang, Hue by themselves. It will be such an extremely interesting experience. Before starting the race, all players have time to warm up by an activity called “Ice Breaking” with many interesting exercises such as limbering up their bodies by dancing or Tai Chi exercise. After that, they will start the race in teams to complete 5 missions in different places as soon as possible to be the earliest team arriving in the last destination. This team will be the winner of the day. Each team will complete in turn as some missions such as Tower Building, Bronze Buffaloes Hunting, Ao Dai Costume, Singing Vietnamese, Puzzle and To he Making. For the game such Tower Building, it requires the cleverness and teamwork ability of the participants to build a 15-floor tower in the shortest time. In addition, players can understand more about unique traditional values of Vietnam by making the most beautiful Ao dai, Vietnamese handicraft named To he or even practicing and singing a Vietnamese folk song. What about the Puzzle game? It must be an intellectual game that cannot be ignored. The teams have to discuss together to find the best way to arrange some puzzles into a certain shapes as soon as possible. The teams have to find and take a photograph with the bronze buffaloes to complete the task Bronze Buffaloes Hunting. After the race, when all teams arrive in the destination, all players spend time together to review what they have done in a few valuable hours recently. They share and express their feelings, their experiences they have gained during the day. Thanks to honest words from the participants, everybody not only in their team but also the others has a chance to understand their friend and it will bring them closer. That is all what Amazing Race desires to bring to you – the fresh souls who love challenges and want to explore beautiful Vietnam.

Size 10 – 200 players

Duration 3 – 5 hours

Location Some famous tourist destinations in Amazing Race city such as: Ben Thanh Market, Opera House, North Dame Cathedral, Fine Art Museum, Center Post Offices, Botanical Garden ,

Business benefits

  • Improving teamwork ability
  • Building relationship among staffs
  • Upgrading communication skills with native speakers
  • Getting experiences in problem-solving skills