Cat Tien National Park

Cat Tien National Park is an important national park located in the south of Vietnam, approximately 150 km north of Ho Chi Minh City. Pursuant to the standards of UNESCO, Cat Tien has been recognized as the biosphere reserve in the world. It has an area of about 720 km² and protects one of the largest areas of lowland tropical rainforests left in Vietnam. It is a truly wild place and you can see many animals in the wild. Cat Tien National Park is estimated as the reserve of natural resources in Vietnam with lots of rare, specious and endemic genes.
Getting here, you will find out many types of tourism such as: discovery tourism, research and study tourism, relaxing tourism, conference tourism and tourism combined with volunteer activities.
The park has excellent accomodation and friendly atmosphere. About the services, the park offers 50 standardized rooms, 2 campsites, and a range of tents for 2-3 or 15 people. Deluxe accommodation close to nature in Forest lodge just 1.5 km from the headquarters. It includes headquarters, Crocodile Lake, Ta Lai Village traditional longhouse, and Forest floor lodge.
There are many kinds of trip to choose depend on how good of your health and what you want to discover.
• Green trails are a trail for everyone; it’s a short and easy trip going to some accessible beautiful places.
• Yellow trails are a longer trail to Botanic Garden, Elephant Hill, and Crocodile Lake…
• Red trails are a long and high difficulty trip, only suitable for experienced trekkers.
• Dong Nai river boating, this is a trip connected with river travelling. If you like water, this is the best choice for you. You will have great way to see the part along the foreside from the boat.
• Night safari is an exciting trip if you like animal. Night spotting is the easiest way to see mammals. Take a walk, bicycle, or car along the jungle trails to observe wild animals such as deer, snakes, porcupines, and weasels as they forage for food on the grasslands or in bushes during the night.
• Animal rescue centres are a change to understand the responsibility, feelings and effort the conservation. There are 2 centres: Dao Tien endangered primate species centre and Cat Tien bear and wild cat rescue station.
• Bicycling is a choice when you want to discover the park by yourself. Renting the bike at the reception then you have an interesting trip. You can ride along the main road through the park or maybe to a local market.
Thanks to given advantages, Cat Tien National Park is suitable for traveling and teambuilding. The forest is an ideal place to host amazing races, finding treasure, and teambuilding. Although finishing challenges are not easy, it’s interesting experience. Getting over difficult challenges in the wild can help you unlock your true strength.

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Binh Quoi Tourism Village I


Binh Quoi Tourist Village I is a tourist attraction in the Bình Thạnh District of Ho Chi Minh City, in southern Vietnam. The Binh Quoi Tourist Village I is located by the western north Saigon River, 8km from the centre of Ho Chi Minh City. Covering an area of 34,635 m2, the tourist area, the largest in HCM City, resembles a real village .

This is the city’s biggest resort with its unique scenery which was established in 1994. Fifty-five modern hotel rooms in the trees’ shadows can be rented for visitors who would like a break from the frenetic pace of the city. Its maximum seating capacity is over 4000 people. The Tourist Village is set on garden grounds with lawns, coconut trees, creeks, and thatched cottages, daily scenes activities in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region. Entertainment includes a cultural show featuring a traditional Vietnamese wedding, cuisine festivals, live music and dances. It has also become popular destinations for ecotourism, leisure and recreational activities, with increasing visitor numbers yearly.
Tourists can have a sail along the Sai Gon River on junks during their stay here. They can stop at the famous Nha Rong Wharf with its revolutionary relics, the Ben Duoc Temple …

The village’s restaurant is where big parties can be held with Vietnamese traditional specialties and also western foods can be found. There are many festivals of traditional Vietnamese cuisine, including: “Traditional Vietnamese Wedding,” “Vietnamese central cuisine” …

It also has the weekend buffet dinner, with variety of traditional Vietnamese regional specialities, is served along a canal lighting with a lot of floating lanterns in a poetic space by live traditional music.

In addition, you can also go water-surfing, fishing, swimming; play tennis, carthorse and many other kinds of sport. On the other hand, here is also appropriate for wedding photo shoot, filming, live music concert…
Especially, floating market in the southern west of Vietnamese is also depicted lively with many boats full of fruits, vegetables…

It is a popular place that is appropriate for ecotourism and recreational destination for local residents and their visiting families and friends.

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Phan Thiet Sea Links City

Sea Links City is the first and complex in Vietnam comprising of Sea Links Beach Hotel, Sea Links Golf & Country Club, Sea Links Beach Villa and Rang Dong Castle situated on an area of more than 168 hectares. It is at the entrance way to Mui Ne, Phan Thiet and 198km from Ho Chi Minh City. Sea Links lies in the heart of a simply breathtaking area of the countryside.

  • Sea Links Golf & Country Club: It is in the class most prestigious in Vietnam. Sea Links Golf Club was built on an area of 160 hectares on a cliff with wild and beautiful sand dunes with amazing views of the ocean below.
  • Sea Links Beach Hotel: The 5-star Sea Links Beach Hotel offering 188 rooms with luxury & spacious rooms, private balcony with daybeds, modern equipment & premium bathroom amenities. The hotel also offers outdoor tennis courts, spas, restaurants and swimming pools that is suitable for different ages. 
  • Sea Links Beach Villa: It is situated in the prime location of Sea Links City, Sea Links Beach Villa offer properties with finest furniture & fittings, warm, cozy yet modern design overlooking to the spectacular view of the Sea Links City and the panoramic ocean views.
  • Rang Dong Wine Castle: Inspired from the charming Napa Valley of the US, Sea Links City proudly introduces its first Rang Dong Castle in Phan Thiet, Mui Ne and ever in Vietnam. It a wonderful experience for you to enjoy a tour of tasting senses throughout the Castle. For wine lovers, the authentically-styled, Western-prototyped castle, breathtaking views abound at every turn – mustard in picturesque rolling hills planted with vineyards year-round of every stature dot the landscape of the Sea Links City.

Besides the convenience above, Sea Links City is not only suitable for a holiday, but also for other exciting activities. Sea Links looks over the ocean, with panoramic views of Mui Ne Bay and this region has the best weather all year round. The tourists at Sea Links can experience for themselves a modern but traditional life style that exists nowhere else in Vietnam and or even in Asia. All places above are side by side so it is appropriate for team building, gaming, amazing race and so on.

It is also nearby some host of attractions, such as Duc Thanh School, Van Thuy Tu Palace, Cham Poshanu Tower, Phan Thiet Beach, Sand Dunes. Because of that, Sea Links City is an ideal place to host team building programs. We have organized a lot of team building programs here so we strongly believe to provide accommodation for your family gatherings, team buildings or indulging comfort. We sure that you will enjoy exclusive experiences at Sea Links City.





Phuoc Buu National Park

Phuoc Buu National Park is located in Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province. It is one of the few areas along the coastline of Vietnam to retain a significant cover of natural forest.

The area of the forest only makes up to 10.537ha so it makes the biome here is so multiform. According to researches, there are about 750 kinds of plants, within 732 kinds were found here. Some of them are in IUCN Red list of Threatened species. Besides the diversity of plants, animal population is also very copious. In this forest, 178 species were discovered. Among them, there are also many rare species in the world. Here also has an animal rescue center occupies 8ha and a small park inside collecting rare plants that attracting many tourists.

The park lays in the tropics with fantastic landscapes, forests, mountains, hills, springs, lakes together with sea, wonderful beaches, and its characteristic ecosystems. Total area of the park is over 22.000ha, the flat region has 9.902ha area, stretch from the north to the south. The west mountain’s area is 350ha. The sand-bank is 17km along the seashore, this part occupies 940ha.  The park has total 43-km-long river, it takes 200ha scattered. Given those advantages, it is a wonderful place for you to explore and experience.

Walking or riding bikes along the beaches in fresh air to see lines to lines casuarina-tree, summer cherry blossom is an unforgettable memory, too. After that, you can go to the beach, enjoy the cool water or lie down on the beach in the sun. Visiting fruit orchard is another choice.  If you want to experience as a fisherman, you can get in fishing villages for making fishing bait, fishing-net and going fishing with people there.

When you are tired caused of those activities, you should visit Ho Coc Beach. Ho Coc Beach is located in the southeast  Phuoc Buu National Park. Ho Coc is surrounded by the forest. There, you can take a rest, relax and enjoy the peaceful space. Another nearly beach is Ho Tram Beach. It is a wild beach with golden sands beaches. The seawater is fresh and clean, unpolluted by wastes. You can bathe in the sea, take part in sports activities on sea, and enjoy the natural landscapes or relaxation.

Travelling here, tourists not only can enjoy fully the pure environment but also discover many special interesting things. You even can have a real BBQ party in forest cover. Enjoying grilled seafood and meats in a fresh and pure space will be a pleasant experience. Another exciting game is to dress as a forest man and try living without modern devices.

With many interesting things above, Phuoc Buu National Park is really suitable for travelling, picnics, and also teambuilding, amazing races, finding treasure, which is suitable for people at different ages. Teambuilding programs that we have host here are always taken great feedback. When getting here, we sure you will have comfortable and relaxing trips deeply sunk in wild nature that you never forget.


Phuoc Buu National Park

Phuoc Buu National Park

Phuoc Buu National Park

Phuoc Buu National Park