Drumming helps build listening skills, co-ordination and relationship in team all while having fun. Drumming combines fun and creativity, with the enhancement of the day-to-day skills necessary for a successful working. This team building activity teaches valuable listening skills and has many different variations.

Set up

Set a circle of tables, drums and some other musical instruments. Participants will find seats and instruments to their liking.

We use a wide range of instruments and activities to engage participants at multiple levels such as personal, interpersonal and reach a variety of goals. External drums and percussion, we also use body percussion (snap, clap, pat, and stamp), and voice (chants and songs).

Never drummed before? Don’t worry! We take groups of people and effortlessly transform them into an exciting drumming orchestra. Firstly, we ask you to train your ears to hear at least three signature beats per time which must be repeated immediately after they are heard. If someone misses the rhythm, they're out in a turn. In second part, each person plays a section and everyone else has to repeat it.


Approximate 2-4 hours


5-250 participants


Suitable with many places


Give a highly memorable

Help people to listen and understand each other

Connect everyone and improve teamwork skills

Have great fun