Boomwhackers are musical instruments and toys that are quite strange. Those are lightweight, hollow, color-coded plastic tubes. It tuned to musical pitches by length and color from high to low tunes. Boomwhackers produce musical tones when struck together, on the floor, on stuffs or by hands. Despite made by plastic, it can produce clear tunes. You even can play real music with this instrument.

Those plastic tubes seem simple to play; however, it can stir up the atmosphere quickly. It doesn’t matter how large of your group, this instrument is suitable for all locations and size of group.

It’s not only produce music. When everyone is playing; they’re also listening and reacting perfectly together. All participants can produce their own unique work arts. They enhance the music further with the interaction intro and understanding. It’s a perfect time to listen, feel and get close with others. Moreover, teamwork is always needs a leader who will instruct everybody to understand each other and work together easily. This teambuilding activity is a source of energy after long work hard days.


Approximate 1 hour

Group Size:

20-2000 participants


Suitable in many places


Call for large of participants without expensive cost

Improve the teamwork

Help participants know how to listen and work together effectively.