We don't only recommend one exceptional destination when it comes to finding a unique team-building program in Hanoi. We have carefully selected a number of wonderful places in the dynamic capital city to host the Amazing Race Team Building Program. Join us in experiencing these spectacular locations and having fun with your team.

Hanoi Amazing Race Team Building Program Destination:

1. Hoan Kiem Lake – Hanoi's Heart

Hoan Kiem Lake, sometimes known as Ho Guom, is a well-known landmark in Hanoi. The lake, which is about 12 hectares in size, is rich in history and culture. We chose this site to serve as the backdrop for your exciting team race.

  1. UNESCO World Heritage Site* Hanoi Old Quarter

The Amazing Race agenda includes a visit to the Hanoi Old Quarter. It not only has a rich historical past, but it also immerses you in Vietnam's distinct culture.

Experiences at Each Amazing Race Program Destination:

Each destination becomes an important checkpoint in the Amazing Race Hanoi program, where you and your team will participate in thrilling challenges, fascinating tasks that test your brain, and create memorable experiences. Each trip will not only provide a more in-depth understanding of Hanoi and Vietnam, but will also provide a one-of-a-kind and exquisite space to enjoy.

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