Teams are welcomed with a compelling video that highlights how badly the atmosphere on Mars needs to be improved before setting out on an enthralling journey. Their goal is to create a hospitable and healthy environment on the Red Planet. Although the current environment is bearable, the teams need to aim higher: an environment in which coexisting and working together is not just feasible but also pleasant. If they couldn't finish their missions, the mission would fail and the environment would be destroyed. Can the teams figure out the ideal formula for creating their own Martian atmosphere?


In a captivating and immersive environment, Atmosphere is an immersive game that enhances problem-solving and cooperation skills. Success requires both active listening and effective communication. As the game progresses, players recognize that everyone on the team is accountable for creating an environment that is favorable to productive cooperation. The fun framework provides a foundation for maximizing camaraderie and team interactions. Teams can also determine which components are especially important for their particular team makeup by looking at the atmosphere.

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