Bean Around The World provides a stimulating and competitive team task that fully involves participants in the dynamic realm of coffee trading. In this interactive simulation, participants assume the role of coffee merchants and are tasked with the comprehensive management of the coffee supply chain, encompassing coffee producers and discerning coffee consumers.

Our personnel have a strong inclination towards the excitement derived from formulating strategic decisions, optimizing financial gains, and adapting to the dynamic nature of the coffee industry. The individuals embark on their voyage from Kenya to the Caribbean, as well as from Brazil to Borneo, where the attainment of success is contingent upon astute market discernment and exemplary customer service. Teams engage in the procurement and trade of coffee blends with the aim of maximizing their financial gains, thereby acquiring significant experiential knowledge in the roles of both buyers and sellers. The game progresses during a span of three years, culminating in the declaration of the winners as the syndicate that accumulates the most amount of monetary resources by the conclusion of the third year.


Bean Around The World transcends its status as a mere game and instead offers a profound educational encounter. The participants engage in an in-depth analysis of the intricacies surrounding the comparison between short-term and long-term strategies, the implementation of risk management techniques, and the principles of win-win negotiation. The interactive business game has been intricately crafted with the intention of dismantling organizational barriers and cultivating cooperation among teams who share a collective objective.

During the course of the journey, participants are exposed to dynamic changes in market conditions, establish resilient supply networks, and enhance their comprehension of customer preferences. The game emphasizes the importance of collecting knowledge, being adaptable, and having a deep understanding of market dynamics and commodity prices.

We cordially invite you to participate in an engaging coffee trading experience at Bean Around The World. This immersive journey is designed to stimulate cognitive growth, promote collaboration, and enhance critical decision-making skills.

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