Outsmart the Rescue Box Santa is a fun holiday-themed version of the traditional Beat the Box game with holiday-themed challenges and riddles. Teams must work together to uncover a special code that will stop the countdown to the holiday celebrations in this exhilarating team-building exercise. The teams' main tools are locked aluminum boxes, same like in the first Beat the Box competition. Unlocking these boxes will be their first duty and will lead them to a series of cases with codes and mysteries to solve. In the last scenario, players will find letters. They will be able to find the secret code, halt the clock, and win the game when all these letters are aligned correctly, revealing a predetermined holiday slogan.


Like its predecessor, Beat the Box Rescue Santa encourages diversity by forcing each team member to actively participate. The tasks in the game are varied and need a variety of abilities and innovative approaches to problem-solving. Similar to the original “Beat the Box,” all teams must work closely together to complete the game's final stage, where they must combine their clues to find the correct abort code. In this fun and interesting team-building exercise, cooperation is crucial. A great way to add some fun and dynamic team-building activities to your Christmas party, meeting, or event is to play Beat the Box Rescue Santa.

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