At Beatswork, we facilitate the initiation of your team's rhythmic exploration through small group sessions, overseen by a proficient percussionist. The team will engage in an exploration of samba beats and breaks, commencing with fundamental concepts. By means of a sequence of warm-up exercises centered around rhythm, teams rapidly advance to the utilization of actual musical instruments, whereby each group acquires proficiency in diverse instruments and rhythms.

In the context of Beatswork, active participation is observed from all individuals involved. Even individuals who are typically quiet often find themselves fully engaged in the rhythm with their coworkers. As individuals' self-assurance and abilities increase, the collectives converge in expectation of a captivating and exhilarating culmination. The sense of excitement and positive emotions last for an extended period of time following the completion of the activity.


The Beatswork program offers a rejuvenating and revitalizing experience to its participants, as it places the magic of group rhythm at the forefront. This serves as a demonstration of the importance of cross-functional teamwork. Success ensues when individuals and teams adeptly fulfill their respective tasks and achieve synergy within the collective unit. This highlights the effectiveness of a collective, concentrated objective.

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