In the context of the Blockbusters competition, it is noteworthy that every participating team is provided with printed guides that offer comprehensive guidance pertaining to the technical aspects involved in the creation of a movie trailer. In addition, participants are provided with a variety of props and a tablet device. The tablet is equipped with a digital template that consists of predetermined components, such as a pre-recorded audio track, designated areas for capturing or sourcing media content, and empty sections for creating scripted titles. The aforementioned arrangement guarantees that the ultimate film upholds a superior level of quality and presents itself in a professional manner.

The task presented to each team entails creating a trailer that is pertinent to the theme allocated to them. This necessitates meticulous strategic preparation, anticipation of future circumstances, proficient implementation, and a firm conviction in one's capabilities. Each team is allocated a distinct subject, ensuring a wide variety of trailers throughout the event screenings.


The Blockbusters program motivates participants to effectively convey their company's business messaging by creating engaging and dynamic movie trailers that successfully cut through the clutter and encapsulate the essence of the matter at hand. The Blockbusters experience closely parallels the actual realm of filmmaking, with stringent time constraints, heightened anticipations, and the imperative to meet objectives.

Participants develop an awareness that the creative process necessitates clarity and attention, which in turn facilitate the completion of intricate tasks in a simplified manner. The presence of several tasks, including technical, writing, and acting, necessitates a wide array of abilities and personalities, thereby presenting teams with the task of efficiently overseeing their people resources. This frequently entails assuming responsibilities in which there might not be a clear alignment with the team's current capabilities.

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