During the period known as Boom Time, individuals convene with the purpose of collectively generating melodious sounds by employing Boomwhackers. These are lightweight, hollow, plastic tubes that are color-coded and adjusted to specific musical pitches in accordance with their respective lengths.

Equipped with Boomwhackers, attendees of the conference engage in a collective music-making process facilitated by a visual interface, culminating in the production of a dynamic symphony. The graphical user interface displays blocks that are color-coded on a sizable screen. The individuals included in the study engage in the process of temporal coordination, aligning their timing and collaborating in order to strike their respective tubes. This collective action results in the generation of musical tones, which occur whenever a colored block aligns with a specific key. As the event unfolds, there is a noticeable escalation in both the pace and intricacy, as the movement of blocks becomes swifter and teams exhibit greater dynamism in their responses, culminating in a highly stimulating conclusion.


Boom Time functions as a unique conference icebreaker or energizer, promoting cohesion among teams while eliciting a surge of adrenaline through the production of invigorating music. This interactive icebreaker activity has the ability to create a dynamic and energetic atmosphere within a conference room, captivating and inspiring all participants, thereby rejuvenating their engagement and enthusiasm. Boom Time has garnered international acclaim for its ability to stimulate conferences, fostering an atmosphere of enthusiasm and camaraderie among participants.

This team-building exercise encompasses the active involvement of all participants and fosters a collective approach, fostering an environment of transparency and cooperation. It serves as an excellent means for folks to relax and engage in recreational activities with their peers.

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