Bot Creation is an innovative team-building activity in which teams are tasked with designing and constructing a robot capable of performing specific duties using a variety of available components. Teams are given a list of collaborative and competitive duties that their robot must complete. They must choose the appropriate engines, MDF chassis, chassis covers, electric, and electronic elements for their robot, taking into account the required skills. After assembling the robot, the team conducts tests to determine whether it can effectively complete the designated tasks. Teams then observe the creations of other teams and behold the success of their robots in accomplishing their goals.


As each team begins to generate concepts for their robot, Bot Creation promotes communication, planning, and decision-making. As teams customize their robots for a specific mission, inventiveness and resource management come into play. Through the process of creation and testing, teams learn to employ design thinking logic to improve the fundamental characteristics of the automaton. The final robot exemplifies successful innovation, creativity, and, most importantly, effective team dynamics.

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