Brand National is an engaging and innovative team-building activity that explores the domain of brand and identity. The activity presents a task to individuals to develop a comprehensive national brand identity starting from its inception. Teams construct their nations by utilizing a predetermined collection of national attributes. The individuals proceed to delineate and fabricate diverse components that will establish the distinctiveness of their recently devised nation, including a designation for the country, a symbol representing it, a musical composition serving as its anthem, a choreographed routine embodying its cultural expression, and a customary apparel representing its national character. The culmination of the event is marked by a dynamic Eurovision-style spectacle, wherein each participating nation presents its newly established identity in a highly orchestrated spectacular encompassing flags, music, dances, and traditional attire.


Similar to a sovereign state, the goal, vision, and values of a corporation play a pivotal role in establishing its fundamental essence. The corporate culture is a manifestation of the values held by employees, influencing their beliefs and behaviors. However, it is frequently tacit rather than formally articulated. Brand National provides a compelling opportunity to examine the importance of corporate culture and its far-reaching effects that go beyond the company's emblem, shaping the behavior of all individuals inside the institution.

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