The team-building event organized by our Bicycle Factory entails a captivating and interactive experience, wherein teams are tasked with engaging in problem-solving challenges and puzzles of a recreational and physically active nature. These endeavors enable teams to accumulate tools and bicycle components, so fostering a sense of achievement and camaraderie within their respective groups. After the accumulation of adequate resources, the subsequent task emerges: establishing an effective assembly procedure to produce a diverse range of bicycles within a constrained timeframe. Stringent quality standards are implemented, whereby official inspections for quality control are carried out at different phases of the production process.

As the impending ultimate cutoff approaches, teams proceed to transport their innovations to the designated “commencement” point, prepared to exhibit their products and provide a concise promotional discourse to the remaining teams, who symbolize their prospective clientele.


The Bicycle Factory is an exemplary team-building activity that provides significant educational opportunities and fosters enduring collective recollections. Teams undergo a shift from a competitive mindset to a collaborative one, demonstrating a willingness to share equipment, tools, best practices, expertise, and resources. This collective effort is directed towards a shared objective of optimizing bicycle production within the constraints of the available resources.

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