Teams put themselves in the position of an advertising firm in Commercial Break and practice collaboration while producing eye-catching advertisements. Every team is given a particular topic and theme to work with for their commercial and is given all the tools they need, such as props, a tablet, or a camera for production. The creative process begins with teams coming up with ideas, writing a script, creating a storyboard, choosing props, locations for filming, choosing music, and allocating roles and duties.

As they record every scene consecutively, they have to modify their plan to accommodate actual filming circumstances. The drawback? Since editing is prohibited, careful preparation and consecutive filming are crucial for success. Whether they are an actor, director, camera operator, or screenplay, each team member has an important job to play, and juggling these responsibilities calls for expert teamwork.

When unforeseen obstacles crop up during production, teamwork, adaptability, and a common vision help the group produce an amazing ad in the allotted time.


Working under time and resource constraints to bring creative concepts to life is the challenge of Commercial Break. The ability to understand concepts clearly and concisely and to actively listen in order to create a compelling plot is essential for success.

The lack of editing highlights how crucial careful preparation and consecutive filming are. The input of every team member is essential, and proficient collaboration is demonstrated by the efficient coordination of roles. Leadership and flexible thinking are essential when faced with unforeseen challenges in order to complete a fantastic commercial within the allotted time.

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