Teams at Creative Juices take on the responsibilities of departments within a multinational smoothie firm, overcoming logistical obstacles such as time limits and worldwide delivery. Every team receives a different smoothie recipe and has to get the components from other teams. Trade agreements are formed by inter-team cooperation to effectively allocate resources, allowing any team to make their own smoothies. Teams create marketing tactics and plans to sell their items by mixing and tasting their creations. The group is then presented with these initiatives, and teams are required to handle complex distribution problems in order to show how group efforts might lower their carbon footprint.


The business simulation offered by Creative Juices is exciting and fast-moving. To traverse real-world supply chain challenges, teams need to employ strategic thinking and excellent business management skills. Throughout the game, the laid-back atmosphere encourages players to take calculated chances and hone their networking and communication skills, which eventually leads the group toward a common goal. As collaboration becomes more prominent, the dangers of isolated work spaces become apparent. As teams work together to manage the project and make sure that every division has the necessary ingredients to match their smoothies or juice blends with their marketing promises, it provides a potent metaphor for cross-functional cooperation.

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