In less than an hour, teams may learn how to perform as a string orchestra through the Crescendo experience. Participants listen to an energizing performance by the teachers to start the event. Then it is revealed to them that they will soon be harmonizing as a group. When each participant is given a violin or viola, a traditional string instrument, their initial shock quickly gives way to curiosity. They learn a section for the final piece and are given instruction on the fundamentals of playing. The two sections come together to make lovely music with the help of a personalized backing track.


Crescendo uses music to bring people together and achieve seemingly insurmountable goals. Most people could never learn to play an instrument in so short of a period, but when people work together with strong leadership and a common goal, it is possible. Dopamine is released by listening to music, which enhances learning and encourages euphoric and optimistic thinking. It is a really effective team-building activity that creates a deep impression.

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