CSI La Hacienda is a team-building activity that provides participants with an immersive 360-degree experience. This activity aims to enhance participants' deductive reasoning abilities and promote collaborative decision-making skills. In order to investigate the circumstances surrounding the demise of Roberto Gonzalez at his Hacienda, teams engage in direct interpersonal collaboration. Equipped with a detective bag, tangible evidence, and a technologically accessible 360 Virtual Touring Platform, teams commence their endeavor to decipher the enigma concealed under the Gonzalez Family Hacienda.

The gaming application provides teams with a series of riddles and tasks, to which they are required to submit their answers. The provision of accurate solutions enables the acquisition of suggestions that facilitate the resolution of the enigma. As the teams systematically investigate each room of the Hacienda, they gradually discover various objects that significantly help to the advancement of their goal. During the course of their expedition, participants employ deductive reasoning and reach an agreement as a team in order to eliminate potential suspects. The team that demonstrates the highest level of accuracy and speed in solving riddles and overcoming trials will successfully reveal the truth and achieve victory.


Participants of CSI La Hacienda engage in activities aimed at refining their observation abilities in order to collect crucial information. The importance of effective communication cannot be overstated when it comes to effectively conveying findings to a team. The utilization of critical thinking and reflection facilitates the process by which teams engage in the analysis and interpretation of factual information. In order to achieve a consensus, teams utilize deductive reasoning and engage in arguments, effectively managing the diverse interpretations and perspectives of individual members. When faced with time constraints, teams employ divergent thinking as a strategy for making decisions through collaboration. This game facilitates and enhances team trust and cohesion through the introduction of captivating challenges.

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