CSI teams assume the role of detectives who are confronted with the arduous responsibility of resolving an intricate crime. The aforementioned teams are exposed to an authentic criminal scenario and inundated with an abundance of information disseminated through diverse channels. The detectives are intended to be confused and misled by this information, which consists of photographs, autopsy reports, transcripts, forensic evidence, recorded emergency calls, videos of the crime scene, interviews with suspects, and more. Their objective is to analyze this data in order to solve the offense.


This captivating experiential business game underscores the criticality of teamwork in the resolution of complex issues. By engaging in fruitful discussions and honing their abilities to prioritize information critically, participants are able to collectively reach conclusions and establish facts. The immersive and realistic theme inspires all participants to actively engage. Consistently introducing realistic pressures serves to heighten the ambiance of an authentic criminal investigation and underscore the criticality of proficient communication and time administration.

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