The Discovery Challenge is a stimulating team-building activity in which teams engage in an adventurous expedition in an urban environment, facilitated by the Go Team application. At every designated site along the route, players are presented with distinctive tasks and puzzles that explore the historical, cultural, and iconic aspects of the city. Upon the successful completion of each challenge, the Go Team application reveals the subsequent task's location. Certain difficulties necessitate teams to depend on their individual abilities, while others entail interactions with NPCs who offer aid or crucial information.

After successfully completing the ultimate challenge, teams consolidate their obtained information in order to utilize the “quest wheel,” a tool that unveils the precise coordinates of the ultimate destination. This destination serves as a platform for comparing scores and engaging in reflective discourse on the adventures undertaken.


The Discovery Challenge cultivates a robust sense of collaboration, rivalry, and pleasure. The activity fosters a sense of adventure and exploration among participants, motivating them to engage in non-traditional forms of collaboration and generating memorable collective experiences. This particular practice serves to foster the development of creative thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, this platform provides a remarkable possibility to effortlessly incorporate conference or product messages into the tasks, so promoting learning while augmenting the enjoyment and collective experience of the team.

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