Dragons are considered lucky in Chinese culture and are symbols of great strength, intelligence, fertility, and dignity. The Dragon Dance, or “we long” in pinyin, is an enthralling dance in which a group of people manipulates a long, flexible, colorful dragon in a way that mimics the flowing movements of this legendary river spirit through harmony and teamwork.

Teams tackle the task of creating and building their own Chinese dragons in Dragon Squad. Equipped with musical instruments, every team composes a musical soundtrack and meticulously rehearses their distinct Dragon Dance performance. Then, each with a dragon of their own design, they work together in unison to deliver a respectful and well-executed dragon dance. Teams receive points for their cooperation, inventiveness, and caliber of performance.


Teams in Dragon Squad are required to use their imagination, inventiveness, and project management abilities to design and build their dragon. Teams evaluate the task at hand, put together specialized units to operate concurrently, and then smoothly integrate all the components.

Cross-functional cooperation and proactive communication are essential for the building phase to be completed successfully and for all components to line up as intended. It takes teamwork and inventive thinking to choreograph dance and music. Rehearsals and the performance itself require great leadership and cohesive collaboration to pull everything together.

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