Participation is required for this fun team-building activity called Drone Control. Between the launch and landing pad are eight “man-made” obstacles that teams must expertly maneuver their drones past. Teams must first analyze eight drawn obstacle cards, ranging in complexity, to begin the task. Teams must plan and strategize how to carry out their choreographed moves, deciding on the who, what, and when of each team member's involvement. Everybody gets a chance to operate the drone, and teams work hard to hone their skills before taking part in the last timed competition. The team that makes the most out of every player's contribution and moves with agility and precision wins.


Drone Control provides a creative and entertaining method for using technology to foster team growth. Teams are required to look for physical efficiency during the activity in order to reduce their final time by seconds. The process of choreographing and adjusting to new challenges calls for inventive thinking and frequently produces eye-opening results. The task forces people to constantly adjust to shifting responsibilities, which makes it an ideal allegory for dynamic teamwork. In addition to being engaging, Drone Control is a challenging exercise in strategic planning that requires complete participation without making participants feel exposed. The additional time constraint preserves a safe and competitive environment for investigating team dynamics and reaffirming constructive team ideals.

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