A strange video message that informs teams they have unintentionally become involved in the ideal theft opens Escape the Mob. They happened to be in the wrong location at the wrong moment. They now have a short window of time to gather evidence for their alibis and piece together where they were during the heist. They might just be able to cleanse their reputations if they can identify the diamond thief.

A bag containing items from that fateful night is given to each squad to help them on their quest. After then, teams go on an exciting race to solve the puzzle and get away from the mob. players navigate through checkpoints with the help of the Go Team app, where players must solve a variety of puzzles that contain pictures, videos, cryptic questions, and riddles that hold important hints to the final solution. These puzzles are modeled after the most recent Escape Room-style tasks and include things like ciphers, symbol-swapping alpha puzzles, object searches in pictures, riddles, pattern identification, eerie scents, and more!

In order to determine their whereabouts on that fateful night, teams must accrue time and location clues in their pocketbooks and receive points for accurate responses. Although the winning side has the most points, there is mutual celebration since, in the end, teams must work together to defend their positions.


With their thrilling opportunity to push oneself beyond one's comfort zone and take on a new challenge, escape rooms have grown in popularity among a variety of audiences. Escape the Mob transforms this thrill into an adaptable format that allows obstacles to be changed to meet the goals of customers without sacrificing the thrilling concept. In order to solve the mystery, participants are forced to use their imaginations, find hints, and communicate clearly.

With its cryptic puzzles, photo and video challenges, sound and smell-based sensory chores, creative and inventive challenges, songs, dances, limerick writing, and more, Escape the Mob is specifically made to guarantee active involvement. Participants are submerged in an unexpected scenario with unanticipated turns and repercussions in this lifelike, real-time experience. They are getting closer to a solution with every clue, but as the game goes on, the tension and urgency increase due to the ticking clock. Participants discover their own abilities and gain the ability to remain composed and reason under pressure.

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