Teams take on the role of alchemists in Essence of Excellence, setting out on an exciting journey to experiment with exotic extracts in order to create a combination that perfectly captures the essence of their target market. Teams determine the tone, tastes, and traits of their target audience through in-depth talks. Teams learn basic perfumery skills during this event, blending base, mid, and top “notes” to create a scent that is ready to wear. They also showcase a strong and convincing marketing strategy to the group, which helps them promote their fragrance.


Placing the customer at the heart of the creative process is the essence of excellence. To truly capture the soul of their target market through a custom fragrance and creative branding, teams must delve deeply into the motivations and emotions of this market. Participants in this process examine and contrast their own perceptions with those of their peers, highlighting the notion that every person has a distinct and legitimate point of view. This insight fosters comprehension, crosses cultural gaps, and fortifies bonds within each team. Additionally, it promotes a better comprehension of clients and their viewpoints.

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