Experience the thrill of producing shouts and sound effects for a major soccer match to go along with the exciting montage of action. Teams warm up physically and do a Mambo chant to start the competition. Teams watch an exciting World Cup Soccer match and support their selected side by following the onscreen instructions, all under the direction of a passionate event host. When teams come together for a final penalty shootout, the challenge is more intense. Amidst their inexhaustible energy and passion, inflated beach soccer balls bounce above their heads as they engage in a spirited sing-along to a well-known football anthem.


Fever Pitch is a fun and stimulating icebreaker that brings life to meetings and quickly builds connection amongst attendees by creating a shared, joyful experience. Participants in this energetic and physically demanding sport are immersed in the role of ardent football fans, which gets them moving, smiling, and on their feet. Mambo actions are repeated, which motivates participants to concentrate on streamlining the process. Encouraging full participation and leaving a lasting imprint, this shared experience is incredibly inspiring and memorable.

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