Teams build full-scale Roman or Celtic chariots in the Flat Out – Chariot Challenge. Armed with supplied designs and a ‘flat-pack' package of materials, teams work to transform these components into the ultimate cardboard racing vehicles where machine and human power are flawlessly blended. Teams can choose to test their chariots for speed and skill in a dramatic race, or they can choose to have a gladiator-themed parade that evokes memories of the opulent Circus Maximus.


To effectively build a chariot, the Chariot Challenge requires excellent communication, teamwork, and amicable team dynamics. Teams must work together cohesively and with meticulous planning in order to accomplish their goal within the given time limit. Teams use artistic and creative aspects when decorating their chariots to make them stand out. Healthy competitiveness is sparked by the ultimate race. A fun shared experience, Flat Out – Chariot Challenge leaves a lasting impression on participants' recollections long after the event.

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