Flat Out: In a short amount of time, teams are required to create a nearly full-sized Formula 1 racing vehicle from a flat-pack kit. Teams can choose to customize their cars to stand out on the racetrack after construction is complete. Finally, the much-awaited Grand Prix moment arrives, and teams line up their vehicles at the starting line. One team member steers the car while the others push it down the circuit as the checkered flag drops, setting off an exciting race. The top three teams take the podium at the event's grand awards ceremony, which is the culmination of the competition.


In order to ensure timely and successful building, this activity requires teams to effectively assign roles and tasks, promoting close cross-functional collaboration. It's a difficult project that requires each team member to contribute fully. Teams use their artistic and creative abilities to customize their Formula One cars. Teams rehearse to improve their procedures because the outcome of the race is frequently decided by accurate pit stops. The teams develop a positive competitive spirit as a result of the race!

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