A fun and creative team-building activity is the Pyramid Challenge. Every team has all the tools, supplies, and thorough building blueprints needed to collaborate in transforming a “flat-pack” kit into an enormous pyramid. The pyramid is a creative canvas as much as it is a building. Teams are welcome to use phrases and colors that complement your business, the topic of the conference, or a charity of their choice to adorn their pyramids.

The regularity of the pyramid's design when all of its segments are combined is what makes this challenge so beautiful. As an alternative, you might choose to have custom stickers applied to the portions once they've been joined. The true test starts when all teams work together to piece together an enormous pyramid using their unique parts, encouraging problem-solving and teamwork.


The Pyramid Challenge begins with a “me-focused” strategy in which each participant completes their piece of the puzzle on their own. It imparts knowledge on quality assurance and resource management to guarantee reliable, premium building blocks. This leads to a “team-focused” phase where people collaborate to solve problems interactively and produce the subsequent set of building blocks.

In the end, a “whole-group focus” is essential to accomplishing the shared objective of integrating every component into a coherent pyramid. When your company's motto is included into the finished product, it becomes a powerful symbol of the strength of teamwork. By building complex forms and arranging them into a pyramid, the task develops problem-solving abilities similar to those required to solve a massive 3D puzzle.

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