The Flat Out Rickshaw Rally involves the collaborative efforts of teams to create their own rickshaws within a limited time constraint. Every team is furnished with blueprints and a ‘flat-pack' assortment of materials, and it is their responsibility to convert these components into the optimal cardboard racing vehicle. After the conclusion of the construction phase, teams employ their creative abilities to adorn their rickshaws in order to enhance their visual distinctiveness.

The culmination of the challenge is a riveting competition wherein teams engage in a race against one another, subjecting their rickshaws to a rigorous evaluation of velocity and maneuverability.


The Rickshaw Rally places significant emphasis on the fundamental values of collaboration, resourcefulness, and efficient communication. In order to transform a disassembled set of components into a fully operational rickshaw, it is imperative for teams to possess a comprehensive comprehension of their end objective. By using a strategy of creating sub-teams and operating in a parallel manner, the perceived intricacy of this project is effectively mitigated, hence facilitating a cohesive collaboration among all team members to successfully accomplish the assigned objective.

Moreover, the project presents a creative dimension as teams engage in the process of embellishing the rickshaw, providing an opportunity for them to demonstrate their artistic aptitude.

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