At Flat Out Top Gun, we put teams in the position of pilots and aircraft engineers. Teams divide into smaller groups and use recyclable materials and comprehensive blueprints to build a 1:4 model F18 jet plane. After the building is finished, kids let their imaginations run wild by decorating the aircraft with colorful decals and choosing the pilot and engines carefully. However, the difficulty doesn't stop there. Teams work together to organize and carry out an exciting air show performance.

Teams need to combine agility, accuracy, and good communication to maneuver their planes and coordinate the aerial show when they have lined up on the runway. Consider using a drone to record the amazing fly-by and edit it to the well-known “Highway to the Danger Zone” in order to perfectly capture the essence of this amazing shared experience.


In order to properly convert a flat box of materials into a functional plane, Flat Out Top Gun cultivates teamwork, inventiveness, and strong communication skills. During the construction phase, it is vital to comprehend the ultimate goal. A well-constructed plane is ensured through task delegation to sub-teams, smooth cross-team communication, and an understanding of how each group's components work together. A good air show requires precise duty allocation, effective inter-team strategic planning, and general teamwork to ensure that all planes fly together in unison.

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