Swell The Junk presents a distinctive and avant-garde perspective on the music industry. Our expertly adjusted “scrapyard” instruments are lovingly reimagined from abandoned urban materials, resulting in a very unique musical experience. As your team's combined creativity is unleashed to create a band unlike any other, get ready to be amazed. Engaging in improvisation, composition, conduction, and sound exploration ranging from energetic, foot-stomping melodies to otherworldly soundscapes, participants will rise to the occasion. The ensemble will create beautiful, moving music using a variety of creative instruments, including harmonic firebells, flipflopaphones, and tuned pressure tanks.


Swell The Junk promotes positivity, cooperation, and a common goal while embodying artistic expression. Funk The Junk challenges participants to push the limits of what's possible with limited resources in a time when envisioning the future is crucial for progressive business strategy. With the help of this inclusive energizer, everyone can shine and express themselves on an even playing field. Think creatively and observe how your coworkers unite, grinning and laughing, to provide a singular, pleasurable, and edgy sound experience.

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