Give Backpack is a special kind of CSR team-building exercise that blends cooperation and community outreach. Teams put together backpacks full of necessities for the homeless by taking on a series of exciting tasks. Each team receives these fun, occasionally challenging assignments on a tablet. Teams provide responses, images, and videos that highlight their achievements. Teams receive supplies to stuff their bags with non-perishable food and toiletries when they successfully complete obstacles. It is important to pay attention to the design and functionality of the backpack; teams need to fulfill the requirements stated at the beginning of the program. When the backpacks are put together, the winning team is announced! An extra donation is given to the victorious team to help a deserving B1G1 cause. After being packed, the backpacks are given to a nearby homeless shelter.


Give Backpack offers a chance to bring your team together through meaningful service to the underprivileged. This curriculum encourages original thought and problem-solving abilities. Contributing back to the team creates a sense of pride and ownership while also boosting individual morale. The goal of Give Backpack is to assist those in need while giving the group an unforgettable, shared experience that they will remember long after the program is over.

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