Teams play Global Festival Game as a group of pals going on an expedition to a summer music festival. By downloading an app to their devices and scanning a QR code, they gain entry to the festival grounds. Seven varied music stages, each showcasing a distinct musical genre, are located on the Global Festival grounds. Groups set out to discover them all. In order to get points for their team, they must solve puzzles, look up acts and facts, take pictures and videos to record their experiences, and finish assignments. At the conclusion, the team with the most points wins.


In addition to sparking memories and discussions within teams, Global Festival Game helps remote workers to overcome role silos, engage with coworkers, and create casual relationships. The stages of the game urge players to assess and improve their methods and abilities for addressing problems. They see the benefits in the form of points for their team and a deeper comprehension of the music business as they become experts at obtaining and presenting information. Team dynamics are put to the ultimate test when there is little time and money available, which forces them to develop their ingenuity and take advantage of chances. Each zone enables the delegation of responsibilities to particular team members, enabling them to capitalize on their individual skills for the team's overall advantage.

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