Set Up: Each team receives an equal distribution of Object, Tech, and Data playing cards.

Invent: After choosing one card from each color, the team members can either develop a Tool, Service, or Smart Object.

Verify: Every team selects the best idea from their table, verifies the idea, and gets ready to give a two-minute pitch.

Pitch: Each team makes a pitch to the audience on their ideas.

Affirm: Then, teams use game money to support the concept that appeals to them the most.


Inspired by the millennial generation, the Global Innovation Game was created as a reaction to the urge to step back from everyday tech devices.

This game goes back to the fundamentals, encouraging candid communication, creativity, and idea production without depending on screens, PowerPoint presentations, or search engines. The Global Innovation Game is a fun and rewarding competition that encourages innovation and pays out to the most creative participants.

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