Teams are presented with a series of checkpoints, each related to a charitable initiative, through the use of a tablet and the Go Team app. The exclusive Go Team “follow arrow” directs groups to the destination of their choice. After arriving at these locations, players work together to complete GPS-triggered objectives, which can include everything from timed tasks and photo challenges to questions and cryptic riddles. Completing these challenges successfully results in significant contributions to the “giving project” that they have chosen. After that, teams move on to the next location and a fresh set of difficulties

Scores, feedback, and real-time updates are preserved as teams advance in their charitable race. Each squad is kept under observation back at the home base, and at certain points in their journey, they could be given extra missions to complete, which adds even more to the overall goal. Go Team is a creative platform that works well in a variety of environments, including busy cities, rocky trails, forests, and even bodies of water.

Go Team – Go Give has countless uses, including staff training, product launches, marketing initiatives, orientations, employee engagement, and feedback collection. This program helps participants meet predetermined learning objectives while also giving them the opportunity to see the conference site. It improves team dynamics and has a good effect on people's lives globally while also being entertaining and energetic.


Go Team – Go Give encourages healthy team competition while fostering a sense of teamwork among all players as they cooperate to achieve a common goal: using donating to make a positive influence.

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