Go Team GPS is a tablet-based interactive treasure hunt that utilizes the Go Team app. This program helps teams navigate to their assigned checkpoints with a special follow arrow feature. Teams must work together to solve GPS-triggered tasks in the form of questions, hints, and graphics once they arrive at their locations. As teams progress through their trip, the app refreshes, gives comments, and displays scores in real time. Every team's progress is tracked at the central site, where additional missions can be assigned at key junctures throughout the exercise.

The Go Team GPS platform is adaptable to different skill levels and types of terrain. GPS adventures can be undertaken by participants in populated cities, untamed landscapes, forested areas, or even near bodies of water. These exercises can be tailored to fit the needs of several teams, guaranteeing that they travel the same lengths and routes for every task, avoiding crowded areas and protecting participants from possible risk zones.


Go Team GPS – Treasure Hunt is well known for its capacity to improve group dynamics by encouraging candid conversations. It helps to forge closer bonds with others, which in turn raises the caliber of work that is produced. Additionally, Go Team GPS acts as a motivator by fostering an egalitarian atmosphere in which each team member is encouraged to express their thoughts and opinions, which in turn encourages them to take on new tasks. Teams are forced to operate outside of their typical workspace for this outdoor exercise, which fosters creativity. Collaborating with peers they might not normally engage with dissolves barriers, fosters trust, and piques their inventive and creative juices.

The problems in Go Team GPS exercises encourage the growth of problem-solving abilities. Teams that learn to adapt to obstacles and think critically and strategically to improve their processes can overcome setbacks and go on to achieve success.

Go Team GPS activities are incredibly flexible, enabling you to customize them to meet your unique goals while visiting a variety of locations.

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