The narrative of this strategic team game takes place during the historical period that precedes the renowned Trojan War. The utilization of effective communication skills and the active involvement of all team members are of utmost importance as they strive to assist the central character, Paris, in evading the terrible forces led by Agamemnon and Menelaus, with the objective of successfully escaping beside his beloved, Helen. The Heroes of Troy program provides a multifaceted approach, functioning as an instructional tool that incorporates a post-game assessment of teamwork, as well as a highly engaging program aimed at promoting social interaction and facilitating player integration in a laid-back environment.


Heroes of Troy is a captivating and pleasurable strategic game that requires the active participation and cooperation of all team members. Teams are assigned the responsibility of engaging in tactical thinking, adjusting their plans to a range of constantly changing situations, and overcoming a sequence of difficulties that need teamwork, unforeseen complications, and critical decision-making during crises. Heroes of Troy not only fosters strategic thinking but also enhances leadership and project management skills through its engaging and intriguing gameplay. The experience fosters active engagement and collaboration among team members, allowing them to apply their strategic thinking skills in a stimulating and enjoyable environment.

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